311 Gallery is in the heart of the Downtown Raleigh’s Warehouse District; rated in the top Ten Best Art Districts for cities by USA Today in 2014.

At 4300 sq. ft., 311 Gallery is one of the largest art galleries in the South. The gallery houses 12 artists’ studios, an exhibition gallery, and a gift shop that feature nothing but art.

The studios are home to over 35 Resident Artists; their work ranges from Abstract to Traditional 2-D works or art, including photography, and 3-D sculptural art, in a wide range of mediums.

The gift shop contains art from the gallery’s Resident Artists and other exceptional regional artists.

The exhibition gallery changes each month, with the Opening Reception on the First Friday of each month. The exhibitions rotate between national juried art shows and exhibitions of the works of invited artists. Exhibitions open on the Thursday before each First Friday and end on the Saturday before the next First Friday.

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311 Gallery is a member of the Downtown Raleigh Alliance and participates in Raleigh’s Art Walk on the First Friday of every month. We have a stellar list of exhibitions and juried shows set for 2018 with an Opening Reception every First Friday from 6-9 pm.

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Scheduled Exhibitions at 311 Gallery:


April 2019 – She Likes Blue

Blue is the only color which maintains its own character in all its tones…it will always stay blue” – Raoul Dufy, French Fauvist painter

The majority of people around the world name blue as their favorite color so it’s not surprising that artists like blue. Blue is unique and versatile; each shade can mean something different. Psychologists think blue’s popularity may be rooted in our evolutionary development because clear skies and clean water are blue, thus, people were more likely to survive if they were drawn to these positive things. What is surprising is that blue wasn’t recognized in early human history, there was no name for it in most cultures.

311 Gallery invited 4 artists to share their love and use of the color blue. Judy Abrahams’s paintings reflect her inner self and how she sees the world around her through movement, color, and texture. Passion and boldness of strong color allow her to convey her emotion and spirit to others. Jillian Goldberg has shifted her palette to one of simple combinations of highly saturated primary and secondary colors. She combines this with surface textures to add layers of interest and feeling to her abstractions.

Mary Louise Ravese is a fine art photographer that creates intriguing juxtapositions of vibrant colors, contrasting tones, distinctive shapes and unique textures to produce photographs that are often described as painterly. Her ambition is to incorporate the beauty of painting in the clarity of photography. Vicki Rees specializes in contemporary realism executed in colorful oils. Unusual angles, dramatic lighting, and nature’s intricacies capture her attention.

These artists’ works exploit the uniqueness and versatility of the color blue where each shade can mean something different. They prove “Blue has no dimensions. It is beyond dimensions.” – Yves Klein, French artist that invented International Klein Blue, a matte ultramarine blue.

May 2019 – There’s Still Life in Still Lifes

There’s Still Life in Still Lifes is a rare national juried show devoted to still life art. Ninety-one pieces were invited from artists in 26 states. These exceptional works of art include both traditional subjects and some that are pretty far out there, promoting both humor and pathos. It is amazing how such simple subjects can tickle your funny bone or evoke serious emotion. We will post more on this show after the pieces arrive and the jury has chosen the awarded pieces.


National Juried Art Exhibitions remaining in 2019:

July–Flowers & Gardens
September–Landscapes & Seascapes
November–Black & White

The 311 Gallery National Juried Art Exhibitions are open to 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional art conforming to the requirements of the CALL. Entry deadlines and other information about entering each show may be found on, and entry must be made through, CAFE (www.CallForEntry.org).