May in the Main Gallery: Bird’s Eye View

First Friday, June 5th



 With Artists Joseph DiGiulio, Jacob Joubert, and Anthony Casaletto

“Bird’s Eye View” takes into account the unique perspective of the contrasting styles of DiGiulio Studio’s artist Joe DiGiulio and Killshot Studios duo of Jacob Joubert and Anthony Casaletto. DiGiulio offers a more organically abstracted view from a aerial perspective echoing the approach of his favorite artist of the Abstract Expressionist movement of the 1950’s and 60’s, Richard Diebenkorn, especially his series of work from his time in Berkeley California.

Joubert / Casaletto offer pieces of a more youthful graphic approach to the subject matter combining the stencil abstractions of Joubert with the graphic “Pop Art” iconic approach of Casaletto, echoing the influence of Andy Warhol. The duo attempts to fuse their contemporary graphic “graffiti like approach” with the Sixties Pop Art Movement, thus marking their place in time. The two completely contrasting styles of these artist offer exciting perspectives of the same subject, Their hope is to elicit some emotional response from the observer and command the observers eye.